Project Management Training

Project Team People ManagementProject Success: every project manager wants it, but not everyone gets it. Why? It depends on more than mastering the mechanics of managing budgets, schedules and progress reports. People do projects, mechanical tools do not. Once the threshold of technical competence has been achieved , consistent project success comes when project managers focus their energy on the people on their teams and in their customer organizations. Our trainings focus on a person-centered project management approach based on our book Managing People (Including Yourself) for Project Success based on many years of hands on project management experience and psychology training.

Training Modules Include:

Project Communications and Conflict Resolution

  • Clearly defining and understanding the needs and expectations of customer, team and stakeholders
  • Developing a partnering approach among all parties involved in project from the start
  • Identifying causes and dealing with conflict between individuals or when parties have multiple demands

Project Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting

  • Determining customer priorities and balancing scope, schedule, budget and quality
  • Conducting planning workshops, achieving team buy-in to project plan
  • Developing and getting agreement on realistic schedules
  • Making clear task assignments and setting expectations for work product

Project Negotiations

  • Preparing for project negotiations
  • Defining a process for negotiating changes during a project
  • Exploring the underlying interests of each party to be satisfied in a negotiation

Project Monitoring and Closeout

  • Balancing the level of monitoring with individual accountability and empowerment
  • Determining true progress and options for course correction
  • Closing out a project for ease of future access and continuity

A few examples of the variety of organizations that have completed our project management workshops:

  • A number of municipal agency utility and public works departments including City of Sacramento, CA, City of Bellevue, WA, City of Henderson, NV
  • University of Washington Professional Development program “Achieving Success as A Project Manager” conducted for over ten years for practicing project managers in public and private organizations
  • Branch and National Programs of American Society of Civil Engineers.
  • Programs for project managers in technology industry including ATT Wireless, IBM, TPD Publishing
  • Several consulting engineering firms