The Heart of Consensus Building

What makes people willing to work together to come to consensus over polarizing situations? Whether it's a construction project, new development, a piece of legislation, or any dispute, the way the parties interact and consider the issues will significantly influence that level of willingness....

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Smith-Culp’s Book Hits the Best Seller List!

The 2016 ASCE list of publications has just been released and The Lead Dog Has the Best View – Leading Your Project Team to Success by Gordon Culp and Anne Smith is on the best seller list.   This book shows you how to make the crucial transition from project manager to project leader. Project...

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Tracking Project Progress

What's the perfect "tool" for tracking project progress on engineering projects? Is there a "system" that can track all the following information that is typically needed to assess if you are on or off track on your project? Costs to date Invoicing and payments status Milestones and deliverables...

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Managing Scope Creep

Scope Creep on a Project is Bad: - True or False? It depends! For the Client/Customer, it is bad if there isn't enough budget or it's an unwelcome surprise, or it could be good if it adds value to the project. For the  Consultant/Provider, it could be good as it adds to the value of the services,...

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Effective Conflict Management

Anyone like to get bad news? How about "surprise" bad news? You've probably been on the receiving end of it, so you know what you felt, panic, disappointment, anger, hurt, fear, stress? How did you react outwardly? Be honest, did you "Kill the Messenger" - Fight Response or "Raise the Drawbridges"...

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Win-Win Resolution Process

Have you encountered situations where you have observed or are dealing with two opposing positions that seem to be mutually exclusive and there seems to be no hope that they can be reconciled? Often it seems impossible to resolve because people get personally invested in their positions and to...

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