Partnering Facilitation

Partnering FacilitationUnderlying our approach to partnering facilitation is a belief that partnering is a commitment to an attitude of collaborative problem solving, an attitude toward open communication, and an attitude that discourages gain at others’ expense. Our approach to partnering facilitation is based upon a continuous process in which an initial partnering workshop that results in a partnering agreement is followed up with ongoing reinforcement throughout the project.

Smith Culp Consulting has served as a partnering facilitator for over 20 years nationwide on infrastructure projects from planning through construction and operations and has experience with design-bid-build and alternate methods of delivery. Selected construction projects and their construction cost include:

City of Las Vegas, NV

  • Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) – Dewatering Facility – $15M
  • WPCF I&C Improvements – $15M
  • WPCF Infrastructure Replacement Pre-Construction – Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) – $100m
  • Rampart Sewer Diversion (CMAR) – $12M
  • Centennial Hills Park Phase 3 – $13M
  • Stupak Community Center – $8M
  • MOB Museum Rehab – $12M

Clark County Water Reclamation District, NV

  • Dual Media Filters Ph 3 & 4 (CMAR) – $90M
  • Las Vegas Wash Channelization Improvements – Preconstruction Phase (CMAR)
  • 3 Paradise Whitney Interceptor Projects – $35 – 65M
  • 12 projects at the Central, AWT & Laughlin Treatment Plants – $5 – 9M

Hampton Roads Sanitation District, VA

  • Atlantic Wastewater Thermal Plant (CMAR) – $30M
  • Atlantic Wastewater Plant Expansion to 54mgd – $93M
  • York River Wastewater Treatment Plant – Dewatering and Composting Facility-(Design Build) – $42M
  • Army Base Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements – $78M
  • York River Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion – $50M
  • City of Davis, CA Wastewater Treatment Plant Nutrient Removal Upgrade (Design-Build) – $65M

King County Wastewater Treatment Division, WA

  • South Treatment Plant Liquid and Solid Stream Improvements – $70M
  • Alki West Seattle Wastewater Tunnel – 11-foot diameter – $22M
  • Southern Transfer/Interurban Interceptor- $15M

City of Davis, CA

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Nutrient Removal Upgrade (Design-Build) – $65M

Southern Nevada Water Authority, NV

  • River Mountains Water Treatment Plant Expansion – $32M
  • Gowan Pump Station and Decatur Reservoir – $5M

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Cleveland, OH

  • 23-foot diameter wastewater tunnel – $57M

King County Transportation Division, WA

  • Multiple Transit Projects – $5-15M

Orange County, FL

  • Discovery Middle School Project – $25M

In addition to construction partnering, Smith Culp Consulting has conducted partnering workshops on projects in all phases of development from planning, permitting and design that have included multiple and changing stakeholders by phase. Some of these projects include:

  • Clark County Water Reclamation District, NV , $150M Paradise Whitney Interceptor project (Final design with Owner and 3 design consultants)
  • Clark County Water Reclamation District, NV (Facilities Master Plan with Owner and planning consultant team)
  • SCOP project for Clean Water Coalition, Las Vegas, NV (Planning and design of regional wastewater effluent conveyance system with Owner, designer, construction manager)
  • City of Tacoma, WA, $100M water supply project. (Planning and Permitting)
  • Seattle Library District, WA – “Libraries for All” – $200M construction program. (Streamline the permitting and construction process and partner with the City Department of Construction and Land Use)
  • Seattle School District, WA – $300M – “Building for Excellence” program (Streamline the permitting and construction process and partner with the City Department of Construction and Land Use).
  • USDA, Washington, DC – Development of USDA new Washington headquarters (Space planning with the architects, owner and end users)
  • Sound Transit, Puget Sound, WA – Light Rail program for the Puget Sound , Seattle, WA (Planning alignments through multiple jurisdictions)
  • Seattle Mariners SafeCo Ballpark for the Public Facilities District, Seattle, WA (Conceptual design planning with the CMAR, Owner and Architect)

Anne Smith and Gordon Culp are the recipients of AWWA Management Division’s Best Paper Award for “Continuous Partnering Helps Ensure Project Success”, Journal American Water Works Association (November 2000).