Do you want everyone to be organized and timely? Or do you wish everyone would just go with the flow? Some people prefer an environment that is structured, scheduled, planned, and controlled; they strive for closure and hate last-minute stress (“Judgers” in Myers-Briggs terminology). Others prefer an environment that is flexible, spontaneous, responsive to a variety of situations, and they are energized to produce by last minute pressure (“Perceivers” in Myers-Briggs terminology). These differences in preferences are often a source of interpersonal tension. Our animated video shows a Project Manager and Team Member interacting during the course of a project. Identify the Judger and the Perceiver in the video and comment on what each could have done to improve the interaction.

Neither of these preferences is right or wrong as both bring value to a project team.

  • Perceivers can help Judgers identify all options, adapt project plans as changes occur, and avoid the the risk of rushing to premature conclusions.
  • Judgers can help Perceivers plan their work, divide tasks into smaller subtasks each with a clear schedule, and provide follow-up to track progress.

Recognizing the value of these different preferences rather than being irritated by them is a key to getting the best team performance.

So what’s your preference? What drives you crazy?