Lead Dog Has Best ViewThe 2016 ASCE list of publications has just been released and The Lead Dog Has the Best View – Leading Your Project Team to Success by Gordon Culp and Anne Smith is on the best seller list.   This book shows you how to make the crucial transition from project manager to project leader.

Project teams perform with more energy and enthusiasm when they are led, not just managed.

Each chapter includes practical exercises and checklists that can be used individually or with a project team on an ongoing basis to periodically assess and improve leadership skills and to quickly recall and apply these key concepts on projects. The book strives to make project work more fulfilling on both the professional and personal levels. Here are some review comments: “The most compelling feature is the way the book (almost uncannily) describes people that we actually know- their abilities, problems, etc. We can picture the example and ‘see’ what the authors are saying. The people are ‘real’ to us.”

“This book combines concepts from leadership, project management and organizational behavior in an interesting and entertaining manner.”

“Despite the catchy title, the book provides a very realistic and useful look at how projects should be planned and executed. It was written from a practical point of view and is a welcome relief from the boring text book styles being used everywhere.”

“The book should be must-read for anyone who is on their way to the top of the ladder! It is focused on helping you be the best.”