Organizational Assessments

How effective is our organization and procedures? How are we perceived by those who receive our services or products? What organizational and procedural changes would improve our effectiveness? How and when should we make these changes? How can we measure and evaluate the effects of these changes? Smith Culp Consulting has been helping public agencies and private companies ranging in size from 50 staff to 3,000 staff answer questions like these for the past 20 years. Here are a few examples:

  • Assessment of the Engineering and Planning Department of the Irvine Ranch (CA) Water District including analysis of the organization, staffing, morale and external client satisfaction.
  • Assessment of the organization and productivity of the engineering division of the Sacramento (CA) Utilities Water Department including interviews of staff members and external clients to evaluate the effectiveness of existing procedures.
  • Assessment of the City of Sacramento Department of Public Works organization, productivity, procedures, efficiency and organization.
  • Assessment of the organization and productivity of the engineering division of the Metropolitan Denver Wastewater Reclamation District.
  • Consultant to the City of Portland, OR to revise their process for evaluating and prioritizing capital improvement projects for their wastewater collection and treatment system.
  • Assisted the Orange County (CA) Sanitation Districts in revising their approach to the planning and implementation of capital improvement projects.
  • Surveys of client satisfaction for several consulting engineering firms including analysis of results and development of related action plans.
  • Strategic planning consultation, guidance and strategic planning retreat facilitation for several public and private organizations.