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Strategic PlanHas your strategic planning produced a document that led to positive results or did it produce a binder of material that’s been sitting on the shelf collecting dust until the next strategic planning cycle begins? Our approach focuses on producing a plan for measurable and effective actions that advance the organization toward its goals and achieving the following:

  • Planning should be a creative, flexible and fun process
  • Planning is an interactive, iterative process that involves both staff and management
  • The planning process must provide an effective basis for resource (staff and money) allocation
  • An effective plan identifies a few very specific goals and related actions steps that will advance the firm toward its goals and defines how measurement of progress will be made
  • While the planning elements are linked, it is not necessary to do them in a set order; that is, while it often happens that a goal is defined and strategies then developed to achieve that goal, it is not necessary that the steps occur in this order. An idea for a strategy or tactic may lead to identification of a new goal or revision of a previous goal.

Smith Culp Consulting has provided meeting facilitators for strategic planning processes for a wide range of organizations including:

  • 15 person management team of a housing management consulting firm.
  • 25 partners in a 300-person consulting engineering firm specializing in water and wastewater engineering.
  • 10 partners of a 100 person architectural firm, specializing in large commercial and sports facilities.
  • 50 people in the national water and wastewater division of a 1500-person engineering consulting firm.
  • 25 person management team of a consulting engineering firm specializing in industrial and municipal water and wastewater engineering
  • 10 person regional management team of a 500-person consulting engineering firm specializing in water and wastewater engineering
  • 10 partners of a 500-person consulting engineering firm specializing in water and power engineering
  • 25 person regional management team of the water division of a 5,000-person engineering consulting firm
  • Strategic and business planning process for the City of Las Vegas Environmental Division’s wastewater treatment functions.
  • Strategic planning retreat for the Pacific Northwest Pollution Control Association Board in Seattle.
  • Long-term visioning and strategy workshop for approximately 40 members of Design Professionals Coalition, American Consulting Engineers Council.
  • A 12 member Las Vegas Non-Profit Board of Directors specializing in addiction recovery
  • The 8 member Las Vegas Central Rotary Club Board of Directors
  • A 10 member Research Non-Profit Board of Directors

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