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Are you involved in a dispute over project scope, cost, schedule, design, construction or performance? Gordon Culp can help you assess your situation. He has served as an expert witness or on expert panels based on his 50 years of experience in the study, evaluation, design, construction and operation of wastewater and water treatment facilities. His credentials include authoring or co-authoring ten books and over 70 technical papers on water treatment, wastewater treatment, sludge handling and management of water/wastewater systems. He is a registered Professional Engineer in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington and a Diplomate of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AAEES). Most importantly, he has been on the winning side in all cases to date where he has served as an expert witness.

I want to thank you for the help you have given me. In the end, a case is only as good as the people who make it up. The City was lucky to have your solid help. I very much appreciate the times you went out of your way to accommodate my requests.

Larry Bazel

Attorney, Beveridge and Diamond, San Francisco, CA

Selected Expert Witness Experience

  • A 60 mgd advanced wastewater treatment plant with cost and schedule issues
  • A wastewater treatment plant that was failing to meet a total nitrogen effluent limit.
  • Feasibility of meeting very stringent effluent nitrogen limits (1 mg/L total nitrogen) proposed by a regulatory agency
  • Design and operation of wastewater treatment plant to control odors
  • Operating issue in water treatment plant treating highly colored groundwater related to issues with an ozonation/activated carbon adsorption system
  • Feasibility and cost of treatment of combined sewer overflow
  • Effluent limits necessary to protect receiving water quality
  • A membrane water filtration system
  • Cost and schedule of design and commissioning of wastewater treatment plant

Selected Expert Panel Experience:

  • Chair of an expert panel that reviewed odor control alternatives and that recommended an approach for a 91 mgd wastewater treatment plant serving the City of Las Vegas, NV
  • Chair of an expert panel that reviewed wastewater collection and treatment system alternatives for a $1.2 billion program for the Capital Regional District, Victoria, British Columbia.
  • Chair of an expert panel that reviewed sludge management alternatives for Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Member of an expert panel reviewing the planning of a major new secondary wastewater treatment plant serving Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Member of an expert panel that reviewed the proposed design of the 290 mgd Croton Lake water treatment plant for New York City.

Are you in a dispute over project scope, cost or performance? Caught in the middle of the finger pointing between the various parties involved and need help? Call Gordon Culp to get expert technical advice on your situation.

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Contact Gordon Culp to get expert technical advice on your situation. If he can’t help you, he’ll give you recommendations for experts who can.

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