Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team BiuildingDo You Have Any of the Following Situations?

  • A meeting or retreat planned in Las Vegas bringing your people from all corners of the country and want a workshop where everyone gets to know each other, bonds quickly, improves working relationships and has fun in the process.
  • A leadership team that needs to develop a close understanding and trust of each other to fully develop and lead an outstanding organization.
  • A management team that needs to develop skills for managing and coaching multiple team members with varying skill levels and working styles.
  • Project managers who are skilled technical people but who need to improve their leadership skills.

Smith Culp Consulting conducts team building and leadership workshops for teams and individuals. Contact us to discuss specific training modules or to customize a workshop specifically for your retreat or meeting.

Team Building Modules

  • Team Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Optimizing Team Strengths
  • Change Management
  • Stress Management
  • Individual Development

Leadership Development

How effective is my leadership? How do others perceive me as a leader? How is my leadership style impacting others? What can I do to improve my leadership effectiveness? When teams are led rather than merely managed, teams have more energy, are more enthusiastic, are more effective and succeed more often. Smith Culp Consulting helps teams and individuals improve their leadership skills using a unique workshop approach. We use a combination of tools that provide an understanding of your own leadership style as well as how others perceive your leadership effectiveness. Click the following link for details of our Myers-Briggs workshop approach. Our passion for helping leaders improve led us to author the book The Lead Dog Has the Best View: Leading Your Project Team to Success