Head in the Clouds or Stuck in the Weeds?

Have you had this experience working with a project team? Some team members prefer to focus on the details while others focus on the big picture. It’s all related to how we prefer to take in information. Also, those who focus on details often prefer to rely on their experiences while those who...

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11 Keys to Value Engineering Success

Successful Value Engineering (VE) studies save project costs that are 10-20 times the cost of the study. For example, the Hampton Roads Sanitation District has found savings average 17 times the cost of the VE studies conducted on the designs of several of its wastewater treatment facilities. So...

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Do Deadlines Drive You or Drive You Crazy?

Do you want everyone to be organized and timely? Or do you wish everyone would just go with the flow? Some people prefer an environment that is structured, scheduled, planned, and controlled; they strive for closure and hate last-minute stress ("Judgers" in Myers-Briggs terminology). Others prefer...

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